About us


Who are we 

We are a small company that offers RV motorhome rental for travellers that are looking for a unique way of getting around.

Faroe Camper is owned by:

Elfinn Ørvarodd and Hans Niclasen.

Why do we do this

We want to show people a different way of exploring the beauty of the Faroe Islands. A way where you never have to stay at the same place during your stay. You can decide where to go and where to sleep.

Is it worth it 

We bet you it is ;) What can be better than all four seasons in one day?

In the Faroe Islands and with our RV's you are very likely to experience just that and much much more.

ÍVF Faroe Camper

Nýggivegur 44
370 Miðvágur - Faroe Islands   Call us @ +298 22 70 70

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